STATEMENT in english

ART FRAGILE is a new movement that i created for myself to define my art 2017.

ART FRAGILE is at the same time fragile and strong, sensitive and fierce
It comments the stereotypes in viewing and experiencing art
It is about freedom and power
It presents nature and the unnatural
It is sexuality, femininity
It is not precautionary
It is timid, flammable
It is simultaneously bending over and glorifying
It is its own language witch speaks
It it not modesty
It is birth and it is death
It is maximalism of materials
It is abundant and fucking curious
it is easy and aneasy
It is not awkward or difficult
It might sort you up
It embraces and fondles
It has taken effort and neeling down
It doesn´t curl up
It is cheery in agony
It is brave in its delicacy
It doesn´t forget to stand still
It is too intimate
It is temporal
It is stiff and soft
It is good and bad
It doesn´t study forms or colours
It asks and desides but doesn´t answer
It is not an era or a category
It is trying to understand human and the world
It has a hard broken will
It is not breakable
It´s dilema is beeing able to be
It is endless and limitless
It doesn´t remember the rules that are supposed to be broken
It doesn´t have to be afraid of
It is you and me
It winks
It isn´t hard to understand
It doesn´t have to be understood
It reminds you to take it easy